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Derrick – Ghana

      In late December 2016, our contact in Ghana introduced us to Derrick who had club hands. We referred this to our Medical Board…

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Ethan Update

            Latest Update (22-02-17) – The last couple of pictures are Ethan in his new school uniform – very pleased to…

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Update – Baby Annet from Uganda

        Update (22-02-17) – We are pleased to report Baby Annet (now 11 months old) had her surgery in February and the op…

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Kleman Agbi from Ghana

     Kleman is 7 weeks old and was born with Hydrocephalus – a build-up of fluid on her brain. The excess fluid puts pressure…

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Ayeko from Uganda

    Update – Ayeko from Uganda – op 6 October 2016 Ayeko (3 yrs old boy) has arrived at the Mulago hospital in Kampala…

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Godsway from Ghana

   Godsway (great name!) is 10 years old – last week with the help of Willing and Abel he had a congenital inguinal hernia repaired.…

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ETHAN SUGLO from Ghana

Willing and Abel together with Drs. David and Jacquie Williams, are fundraising for ETHAN SUGLO from the Volta region of Ghana to have an operation…

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Sierra Leone -Cleft lip children successful ops

Ten days ago, five mothers, five children travelled for 40 hours from Sierra Leone to reach Hope Medical Centre in N’Zao, Guinea. The children all…

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Sierra Leone – cleft lip & palate repairs

   Willing and Abel has arranged for 5 children to travel from Sierra Leone to Guinea for cleft lip and palate repairs. They set off…

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Zalissa from Burkina Faso

Zalissa is 11 years old but her growth is severely stunted. She was born in Burkina Faso, West Africa with a complex malformation in her…

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Liliane from Cameroon – successful operation

LILIANE – successful operation Great news – Liliane’s op was completed successful at the hospital in Milan (‘a total correction of her heart malformation with…

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Santigi from Sierra Leone

   We were able to help Santigi (now aged 8yrs) have surgery in Kenya in 2011.  He was born with a condition which malformed both…

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