ETHAN SUGLO from Ghana


Willing and Abel together with Drs. David and Jacquie Williams, are fundraising for ETHAN SUGLO from the Volta region of Ghana to have an operation at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.
This little boy was born on 19 March 2013 and badly needs an operation for his exomphalos condition – essentially an abdominal wall defect which has allowed some of his organs to be outside his abdomen rather than inside. This is a serious condition and a child born in the UK with exomphalus would normally be operated on immediately with the protruding organs being placed back inside of the abdomen. However in Ghana this doesnt always happen and Ethan is now in need of at least one operation very soon.
We have found an excellent Consultant Paediatric Surgeon, Hugh W Grant, who has agreed to operate on Ethan in early June at the John Radcliffe in Oxford but we urgently need to raise £30,000 to cover all the costs of the operation, flights for Ethan and his dad plus additional expenses. Please, please donate if you are able to help Ethan.

You can see a video of Ethan at . Please Like the Page and Share it to spread the message. Thank you.