Francesca from Burundi

       This lovely little girl was born on 9 May 2018 with an ectopic bladder (the bladder develops outside and results in incontinence). She had an infection which needed antibiotics. W&A arranged for Covid-19 tests and then Francesca and her mum, Azama, flew to Kenya where at the Kijabe hospital she was operated on…

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Emmanuella from Ghana

          Emmanuella (8yrs old) is from a remote region in Ghana. She developed nephrotic syndrome (acute kidney failure following infection) and needed to be transferred to Korle-Bu Hospital in Accra urgently for treatment/dialysis in December/January. She has had a remarkable improvement and is progressively getting better and stronger. Post her treatment, she required a…

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Jonan from Uganda

           Jonan was born on 23/06/18 with Down’s Syndrome and a heart defect (VSD). He was referred to W&A in late 2019 with concurrent pulmonary hypertension (the heart defect has essentially caused high blood pressure in the lung circulation). He was to have an operation at the Heart Institute in Uganda but in…

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Sulaiman and Esther from Uganda

Esther, a Ugandan girl with a hole in the heart

We have flown Sulaiman and Esther from Uganda to the Narayana Hospital in India for heart operations. Sulaiman is a 13 month old boy who has AVCD – a heart defect. He also has Down Syndrome. Esther is a 14 month old girl with a ‘hole in the heart’ that needs surgical repair. We also…

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Joshua from Uganda


We arranged for Joshua Kigozi, 18 months old, to fly with his mum to Bangalore, India for surgery.  He underwent an AVCD repair on Friday under Doctor C Reddy, Cardiac Surgeon and on Saturday he was moved to ICU to recover. AVCD is the most common congenital heart defect found in children with Down Syndrome.…

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Liliane from Cameroon

Liliane, aged 5

In 2015 we arranged for Liliane Yanga to be flown from Cameroon to a hospital in Milan for a life saving operation. Liliane was only 7 months old when she was operated on for a congenital heart disease – truncus arteriosus.  Her father recently sent us this photo of Liliane who is now 5 years…

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Charity Adanuvor – Ghana

Charity Adanuvor had an operation last week on Mercy Ships for her ameloblastoma – large benign facial tumour – this is probably the largest one we have seen – it would eventually have killed her by blocking off her airway. The surgery was a success and Charity is doing just fine. She will stay on…

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Ethan Recovering Well

Pictures tell a thousand words! Day 4 post-op and surgery has gone very well – Ethan’s tummy is much smaller, drains out, eating a little and maybe discharged end of week. Yes, our dear little Ethan is coming back this week from Ghana with his dad, Charles.  He is to have a second op on…

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Two boys to Guinea

Update 13 February – Two boys to Guinea -Don’t Mohammed (11yrs) and Alhaji (12) look fantastic?   All credit to the skills of Dr Tony and the staff at Hope Medical Clinic, Guinea – thank you. The boys arrived at the Guinea border on 12 February and a car picked them up on the 13th…

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Rabiatu and Gloria from Sierra Leone

Gloria after her operation

Rabiatu had her second leg operated on in Niger during August and is now walking with the help of a walker – photo of her recovering. Gloria’s condition has been more complicated but she had an operation in July on her first leg – photos pre and post op. Gloria (16yrs) has known little but…

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