Jonan from Uganda


Jonan was born on 23/06/18 with Down’s Syndrome and a heart defect (VSD). He was referred to W&A in late 2019 with concurrent pulmonary hypertension (the heart defect has essentially caused high blood pressure in the lung circulation). He was to have an operation at the Heart Institute in Uganda but in 2020 the hospital told us there was a long waiting list and it would be over a year before they could operate. We decided as surgery was essential to arrange for him and his mum to travel to Bangalore, India for the operation. Then Covid-19 hit and restricted access! In February 2021 he had his life saving VSD surgery in India (VSD surgery is a type of heart surgery – it corrects a hole between the left and right ventricles of the heart.) He has been moved to ICU under observation. Let’s pray for his smooth recovery.