How We Work

Willing and Abel seeks to help children in developing nations who are in need of specialist surgery. Our medical board reviews their case and we endeavour to connect them to an appropriate surgeon and healthcare centre.

We support pre-operative investigations and supplement nutrition. Our aim is to overcome obstacles that otherwise make access to healthcare difficult, this may include help with visas, passports, transportation and finances.

Medical Board

The role of the Medical Board is to act as independent reviewers of a child’s case history having been provided with this by a local doctor.

We will provide the relevant member of the Medical Board with information on where the operation is likely to be carried out so he/she can consider all the circumstances relevant to the success of the operation. Advice is then given to the Trustees who make the final decision on whether or not Willing and Abel can successfully help a child.

The Medical Board includes distinguished physicians in their field of expertise and younger doctors who have worked in developing countries.

Meet the members of our Medical Board

Gloria after her operation

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Santigi, who has prosthetic legs

Referring a Child

If you wish to refer a child, please Contact Us.

We will send you a form to complete with basic information on the child. In order for a child’s case to be accepted it will be reviewed by our Medical Board and subsequently by the Board of Trustees, who will make the final decision

Guidelines for Referrers

The case referred must fit our primary objective:
''To relieve sickness of children in developing nations through the provision of specialist medical or surgical treatment not available locally, in such a way as the trustees think fit.''

The initial referral can be made by a doctor, nurse or family member who sees a need in a child and who is willing to work as a link person through the duration or the preparation, treatment and recovery (up to 6 months). The referrer must include a letter from the child’s doctor confirming the diagnosis, details of examination findings or tests done to confirm diagnosis and should include a photograph of the child and parent as well as a photograph of the condition (if applicable).