Ayeko from Uganda

Ayeko John William 2yrs   ayeko

Update – Ayeko from Uganda – op 6 October 2016
Ayeko (3 yrs old boy) has arrived at the Mulago hospital in Kampala and will have his surgery today. He was born with an imperforate anus – the opening to his anus is missing or blocked. He had a preliminary operation in April but this op is to reconstruct and repair. Please pray for him and his .


Ayeko will have the first stage of his surgery on 7 April in Mulago Hospital in Uganda and be there for about 4/5 days.  Please pray for him.

Ayeko is a little boy from the Soroti region in Central Uganda. At 3 days old he was fortunate to have life saving surgery for the condition he was born with: imperforate anus (malformation of the rectum). However, the surgery usually comes in two parts, with a secondary reconstruction phase to enable him to live a normal life – his parents have searched for someone to do this – but up until they were introduced to Willing and Abel they had been unsuccessful. Ayeko currently lives with his large bowel diverted to an opening on his abdomen – this should have been corrected shortly after birth. We have started him on a nutrition programme to get him strong enough for surgery.