Ethan Update

Ethan arrival     Ethan swing      

Latest Update (22-02-17) – The last couple of pictures are Ethan in his new school uniform – very pleased to be going to school like the other children. Still a bump on his stomach but the consultant hopes as he grows this will be less pronounced.

Update – Ethan and his father Charles returned to Ghana on 21 September. We are sorry to see them go but glad they are returning to family and friends. Ethan has been a joy – always smiling and Charles is a great, caring dad. Many thanks to the Williams’ Family who could not have done more for Ethan and truly showed warm, Christian hearts. Please pray for Ethan as he may well need another op but at least he is better than before – thanks to the great medical team at the John Radcliffe.


Ethan had is operation at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford on 13th July – one month after his arrival – the delay due to a chest infection.  The surgeon was happy with the op and Ethan is now in Intensive Care recovering.  His father Charles has been great and is with Ethan at the hospital.  Ethan will remain in hospital for 10-14 days and then spend some time recovering before he can return to Ghana.  The Williams’ Family have been fantastic helping Ethan, Charles and fielding numerous Media interviews – thank you.

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(Ethan and his father, Charles, arrived safely on 13th June at Heathrow and were met by the Williams’ Family. They have settled well into the Cotswolds’ home of the Williams. Unfortunately Ethan arrived with a chesty cough that the Consultant at the John Radcliffe hospital has now diagnosed at pneumonia. He has therefore said the operation must be postponed for one month to mid July. This is disappointing but in the long run must be the best for Ethan. Please pray for Ethan’s swift recovery.)