Liliane from Cameroon – successful operation

LILIANE – successful operation
Great news – Liliane’s op was completed successful at the hospital in Milan (‘a total correction of her heart malformation with conduit implantation’!) and she is now recovering. Praise God for this. The surgeon has said she will need a further valve replacement as she grows but this can be done in a hospital in Cameroon. We hope Liliane and her mother can return to Cameroon later this week. Many thanks for your prayers and financial support.

Liliane post op


Liliane Assafka from Cameroon is 8 months old and has a congenital heart condition requiring urgent surgery otherwise she will die. This is specialist surgery so we have arranged for her to travel to the San Donato Hospital in Milan where a heart surgeon has agreed to operate. The hospital costs are £11,500 and flights, passports, visas etc another £1,000. Willing and Abel has agreed to fund this life saving surgery but we have commitments to other children so we are appealing for urgent donations to help Liliane – we know God will provide for all the children we commit to help. If you can give something, please donate via either the one off Gift Aid form or using the click thru to Virgin Money Giving both links are on our Home Page.

Liliane from Cameroon

Liliane from Cameroon