Nathan from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Name:  Nathan

Date of Birth:  1st June 2001

Date of Contact:  August 2011

Location:  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Condition:  Cancer of the sweat gland left face

Operation:  Nathan’s tumour had been present for 4 years, he had undergone chemotherapy in DR Congo, but the tumour had continued to grow, all be it slowly. He was transferred to mercy ships in Sierra Leone for a CT scan and assessment to see if surgery was possible. Unfortunately, the investigations showed Nathan would be unlikely to survive surgery. He had a blood transfusion to increase his strength and the palliative care team spent time with him and his grandmother to counsel them.

Current Needs:  Nathan passed away on 8th December 2011. His family send thanks for all the care shown to him and the efforts to help him in his illness. We believe he is now in a better place, free from suffering.