Selemani from Malawi

Name:  Selemani

Date of Birth:  2005

Date of Contact:  September 2012

Location:  Malawi

Condition:  Injured trachea from a bamboo shoot piercing his windpipe when he fell off a tree in February 2012.

Operation:  Selemani has a long-term tracheostomy to help him breathe, and he needs highly specialised surgery to repair his trachea and allow him to breathe freely again. He will fly to the Red Cross Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, but we need your help to fund his operation and aftercare. The estimated cost is about 81,000 South African Rand, which is approx. £6000.

In the beginning of November 2012, Selemani had successful surgery to repair his trachea. For the first time since February, he is now able to breathe by himself and speak. He is also laughing a lot!