UPDATE – Reynaldo, aged 4 – heart surgery success

Reynaldo Jr and mom

Reynaldo is 4yrs old and has Tetralogy of Fallot – a serious heart defect. He will be admitted on 14 February to a hospital in Manila for surgery. He has already been through a lot – pneumonia, blood transfusions and latterly dental extractions to get him ready for surgery. Please pray for him and help Willing and Abel to change more lives .

Update – Reynaldo had his operation at Philippine Heart Centre in mid March. Before, the op he couldn’t walk because he had no energy due to very poor blood circulation (blue baby).  His parents couldn’t afford surgery before because they are unemployed. In God’s perfect time Willing and Abel was able to support them for the operation – now he can play, he can walk without assistance, he can eat by himself and his lips are pinkish! His mother is planning to enrol him in the local prep school.