Louis from Cameroon

Name:  Louis

Date of Birth:  June 2011

Date of Contact:  June 2011

Location:  Northern Cameroon

Condition:  Bilateral cleft lip and palate.

Operation:  Louis had surgery for cleft lip and palate repair on 28th November 2011 at Pette in Northern Cameroon. A visiting oral and maxillofacial team from Europe performed the surgery.

Current Needs & Updates:  Louis was having real difficulty feeding and maintaining weight due to his clefts, and we have worked with his family and a local missionary to feed him up. He also had a strangulated hernia which required urgent surgery. The hernia was successfully operated on, and Louis was able to get to a healthy weight for his cleft lip and palate surgery. He is now a happy boy fully healed from the cleft lip repair.