Lonema from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Name:  Lonema

Date of Birth:

Date of Contact:  November 2011

Location:  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Condition:  Need of prosthetic due to both arms being amputated below the shoulder. Eleven years ago, during the war, Lonema was captured and tied up using an inner tube from a bicycle. It was tied too tight, resulting in circulation being cut off to both arms. When Lonema eventually managed to get to hospital, gangrene had set in and his arms had to be amputated.

Prosthetic:  LN-4 supplied a box of free prosthetics to a physiotherapist in DR Congo, who was able to find a workable model for Lonema. Although all the supplied prosthetics were technically designed for someone with a below elbow amputation, they have managed to make it work.

Current Needs:  Lonema continues to come to the clinic for practice sessions, and to have utensils further modified for easier use. He is a happier man now – feeding himself for the first time in 11 years!