Junior from Sierra Leone

Name:  Junior

Date of Birth:  26th November 2012

Date of Contact:  April 2013

Location:  Sierra Leone

Condition:  Cleft lip and palate

Operation:  Junior had successful cleft lip surgery in May 2013 on Mercy Ships in Guinea. Surgery on palate yet to be done.

Current Needs & Updates:  Junior has quite a complicated social background, and has been through a lot in his short life so far. He has been doing super well post surgery – tolerating food (pap) better and has just learnt to sit! As you can see from the latest photo he is gaining weight and looking healthy and happy! He will require a second surgery on the cleft palate, but this normally can’t be done until at least 9 months of age.

We originally heard about Junior from Sandra Lako (pictured holding Junior), a long-time W&A friend with a long history of medical volunteering work in Sierra Leone. It cost just 466 GBP to bridge the gap between the surgery that Junior needed and a suitable medical facility in West Africa. Most of the amount was raised by Sophia Lyons running the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 10k. Thanks to both Sandra and Sophia for making a huge impact on Junior’s life and future!

If you would like to help fundraise to make a big difference to a child’s life please get in touch.

Also, please visit Sandra Lako’s blog for more inspiring stories about her work in Sierra Leone.